Some little boys want to grow up and become firemen...

Ever since Oren wrote an essay about the baby chicks in his first-grade class, he has wanted to write, and that's what he's been doing his whole life.

Short stories

Small Truths and Other Lies is a novella and short story collection inspired by Oren's family's incredible tales of Jewish life in the diaspora and in Israel.


Read a sample short-short story

Dead Man's Boots: Set in the first Israeli Lebanon war

Or view the book on Amazon or on Smashwords (for formats other than Kindle).

Freaky flash fiction



Very short (from 50-500 word) short stories that will freak you out, like this one:


Good morning, good morning!


Oren wrote and produced three musical comedies (with music by Thune Lindberg), which were performed in Copenhagen.


Watch a scene from his play Romeo and Juliet: The Sequel, which received the European Association for Jewish Culture performing arts grant, below:


We're the victims. No we are...


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