Experienced, creative and focused

Since the mid 1990s, Oren Shafir has been developing communication strategies,

creative concepts and writing a little bit of everything.

Copywriting services

A variety of deliverables for a wide array of audiences and business situations, including:


  • Brochures and ads

  • Articles and white papers

  • SEO web and landing page text

  • Case stories

  • Messaging platforms

  • Blog posts and social media campaigns

  • Press releases

  • Newsletters

  • Emails and direct mails

  • Video and animation scripts


Who has Oren worked for?

He has worked for all sizes of customers from small start-ups to big companies like Tetra Pak, Microsoft, Sennheiser, GN ReSound, Volvo and Demandware.


Oren has also worked as a part of creative teams at agencies like Blue Business, Zupa Recommended, Sylvester Hvid and Zoom.





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